In the heart of Orlando, at the esteemed Florida Plaza, stands a beacon of Latin American culinary heritage: Fortuna Bakery & Cafe. Known for its commitment to crafting handcrafted, savory, and sweet treats that embody the essence of Latin American culture, this establishment has become a celebrated destination for both locals and visitors.

Since its establishment in 2006, Fortuna Bakery has been a cornerstone of Central Florida’s culinary scene. Their dedication to using the finest ingredients is evident in the daily ritual of the bakers arriving early to create an array of exquisitely unique breads, pastries, and desserts, all baked in-house.

Fortuna Bakery is more than a place to savor delightful pastries; it’s a haven where every patron is greeted with appreciation and warmth. The team’s goal is not just to offer food but to create moments of happiness and contentment with every bite.

With several locations across Orlando, Fortuna Bakery invites all to immerse themselves in the savory aroma of Latin American tradition. Each morning, the bakers meticulously craft the freshest ingredients into an array of delectable breads, pastries, and sweet treats, ensuring that every bite encapsulates the flavors of Colombia and South America.

At Florida Plaza, Fortuna Bakery & Cafe offers a portal to Latin American culinary delights. It stands as a testament to tradition, beckoning patrons to experience the rich tapestry of Colombian and South American flavors. Their commitment to crafting unique and savory treats is an ode to the spirit and essence of Latin American culture, inviting all to indulge in a journey through a world of culinary richness and tradition.

8100 S Orange Blossom Trl

Orlando, FL 32809