Located within the vibrant Florida Mall in Orlando, Fortuna Bakery & Cafe stands as a beacon of Latin American culinary tradition. From the moment the sun rises, the bakery buzzes with life as the aroma of freshly baked goods wafts through the air.

Since 2006, Fortuna Bakery has been a cornerstone in Central Florida, celebrated for its handcrafted delicacies that capture the essence of Latin American culture. Their commitment to freshness and quality is unwavering; every morning, a team of dedicated bakers meticulously crafts an array of breads, pastries, and desserts using the finest, carefully selected ingredients.

The heart of Fortuna Bakery lies in their mission to ensure that every visitor not only enjoys their culinary offerings but leaves feeling appreciated and content. It’s a place where joy is baked into every bite, where a warm smile accompanies each purchase.

With multiple locations across Orlando, Fortuna Bakery brings the spirit of Latin America to each corner of the city. From the savory delights to the sweet temptations, the authenticity and richness of flavors transport patrons to the streets of Colombia and South America.

In a world where handcrafted, authentic flavors are cherished, Fortuna Bakery & Cafe remains a beloved haven for those seeking a true taste of Latin American heritage. They invite everyone to start their day with a bit of tradition and a whole lot of delight, making each visit a flavorful journey.

8001 S Orange Blossom trl, Room FC0728

Orlando, FL 32809