Growing up on the picturesque Anna Maria Island, Ben Sato developed a deep appreciation for the magic that happens when people gather over delicious food. It was on this charming island that he discovered the joy of culinary connection, a theme that would shape his future in the world of gastronomy.

From Culinary School to Renowned Resorts: Ben’s Journey through Florida’s Finest

After honing his skills at Johnson and Wales Culinary Art School, Ben Sato embarked on a culinary adventure through Florida’s renowned resorts. His culinary expertise graced the kitchens of prestigious establishments such as The Key Biscayne Ritz-Carlton, Sunset Key Resort, Hollywood Beach Marriott, and the Longboat Key Club. Ben’s journey through these culinary landscapes laid the foundation for the flavors that would soon define gRub Tropical BBQ.

A Passion Ignited: Ben’s Love Affair with BBQ

Throughout his successful career, Ben’s heart found its true rhythm in the world of BBQ. The love affair with this beloved cuisine took him on a journey of exploration, involving extensive travel, cooking experiments, and dedicated research. Ben’s passion for BBQ culminated in the establishment of gRub Tropical BBQ, where he presents his unique take on this time-honored tradition.

Bringing the Taste of Tradition to Anna Maria: gRub’s Tropical BBQ

Returning to his roots on Anna Maria Island, Ben Sato introduces gRub Tropical BBQ, a culinary haven that blends traditional smoked BBQ with a tropical island atmosphere. Here, in his hometown, Ben envisions a space where friends and families can gather for years to come, creating lasting memories over plates of mouthwatering BBQ.

Fresh Flavors, Familiar Faces: The gRub Experience

gRub Tropical BBQ is more than just a restaurant; it’s a manifestation of Ben’s culinary journey and his commitment to bringing fresh flavors to familiar faces on Anna Maria Island. The establishment boasts a fast-casual, modern atmosphere, offering a new spin on traditional smoked BBQ. gRub proudly declares itself the perfect ‘Place to Meat,’ inviting patrons to savor a unique dining experience that fuses innovation with the rich, smoky traditions of BBQ.

415 Pine Ave

Anna Maria, FL 34216