When it comes to a memorable dining experience, it’s the perfect blend of fresh, high-quality ingredients and exceptional service that makes all the difference. In Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, there’s a beloved spot that brings these elements together in a mouthwatering harmony. Welcome to Pizza by the Sea, a place where love for food and dedication to hospitality are woven into every aspect of your visit.

The Foundation: High-Quality Ingredients

At Pizza by the Sea, the secret to their delectable dishes is no secret at all. It’s all about using the finest, freshest ingredients available. They understand that a recipe, no matter how exceptional, can only shine when its foundation is built on superior components. For them, it’s all about the ingredients, and they don’t compromise on quality.

From Sauce to Cheese to Crust

The flavor-packed sauces, the Grande cheese, and the soft, thin pizza crust – these are the building blocks of every pizza and sandwich at Pizza by the Sea. The combination of these elements creates a symphony of taste that leaves a lasting impression. Their commitment to excellence extends to their baking process. Each order is baked on a hot stone surface in the oven. Yes, it may take a bit longer, but at Pizza by the Sea, they believe in delivering a product that’s worth the wait.

Fresh and Delicious: A Pizza by the Sea Promise

The essence of Pizza by the Sea is not just about great food; it’s about fresh and delicious food. It’s the kind of food that not only satisfies your cravings but also leaves you craving for more. Whether you’re a local resident or a visitor exploring the beautiful surroundings of Santa Rosa Beach, this is the place to experience pizza and Italian cuisine at its finest.

A Friendly Face, Every Time

While exceptional food is a must, it’s not the only ingredient in their recipe for success. The other crucial part is the exceptional team at Pizza by the Sea. It’s not just about serving dishes; it’s about welcoming each customer and making them feel like they’re part of the family. The attentive and polite staff ensure that your visit is not just a meal but an experience.

Family-Friendly and Fun

At Pizza by the Sea, they understand that a memorable dining experience is one that can be shared with loved ones. That’s why they’re proud to be a family-friendly establishment. From a fantastic kids’ menu to a casual and fun atmosphere, they’ve created a space where everyone feels welcome and at home.

Come, Savor the Sea

Whether you’re craving a classic pizza, a mouthwatering sandwich, or a taste of Italian goodness, Pizza by the Sea is where you want to be. In the heart of Santa Rosa Beach, this culinary gem combines the magic of fresh, high-quality ingredients with the warmth of exceptional service. It’s not just a dining experience; it’s a journey through taste, where every visit to Pizza by the Sea is a memory to cherish.

95 Laura Hamilton Blvd

Santa Rosa Beach, FL 32459