Tucked away in the charming WaterColor Crossings of Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, Pizza by the Sea stands as a beacon of culinary excellence, dedicated to delivering authentic, flavorful dishes that have won the hearts of countless customers.

What sets Pizza by the Sea apart? The answer is simple yet profound: an unwavering commitment to high-quality, fresh ingredients. They understand that the foundation of exceptional cuisine begins with top-notch components. From the rich, flavor-packed sauces to the generous use of Grande cheese, complemented by their signature soft, thin pizza crust, every detail is carefully curated to ensure that each dish surpasses expectations.

The devotion to quality extends beyond the selection of ingredients. At Pizza by the Sea, they take the art of pizza-making to new heights. Fresh dough is baked to order, placed directly on the hot stone surface of the oven. Yes, this might result in a bit of a wait, but for Pizza by the Sea, there are no shortcuts to flavor. Quality takes precedence over haste, and the result is a pizza that is not just satisfying but memorable.

Yet, Pizza by the Sea recognizes that superb food is just one part of the equation for a thriving restaurant. They have a deep appreciation for their team, priding themselves on having one of the finest crews on 30A. The philosophy is clear: every guest should feel not only welcomed but also attentively cared for during each visit. Families are cherished, with a fantastic kids menu in place, and both locations offer a casual, fun-filled ambiance that caters to everyone.

Pizza by the Sea isn’t just about pizza; it’s about celebrating the art of crafting fresh and delectable Italian cuisine. Each visit promises not only a culinary delight but also a warm, family-friendly atmosphere that embraces all who walk through its doors. It’s an invitation to relish the goodness of quality ingredients and genuine hospitality.

88 Watercolor Way

Santa Rosa Beach, FL 32459