Located in the heart of Ave Maria, Florida, Oasis The Kitchen Lounge stands as a unique haven, intricately linked to the essence of Mother Earth. This oasis, set amidst the lush backdrop of the Everglades, echoes a long-standing human desire for solace, sanctuary, and a place of serene reprieve.

Inspired by the very concept of an oasis, the restaurant was meticulously designed to embody the elements of nature. As one steps into the space, they’re immediately greeted by a centerpiece that pays homage to the nurturing embrace of Mother Earth. The intention was clear: to create a place where people could seek refuge, find joy, and relish in both the atmosphere and culinary delights.

The fusion of industrial aesthetics reminiscent of desert landscapes, the flowing river-inspired bar design, and the infusion of wood and greenery all converge to craft an environment that resonates with the soul. Oasis The Kitchen Lounge isn’t just a dining spot; it’s an experience that intertwines with nature’s bounties, embracing and celebrating them within indoor spaces.

The phrase “Good vibes only” encapsulates the spirit of this establishment. It’s more than a tagline; it’s a mantra that guides every element, every dish, and every interaction within its walls. Visitors don’t just come for a meal; they arrive seeking an escape, a connection to nature, and an experience that rejuvenates the senses.

The Oasis is more than a place to dine; it’s a haven where patrons immerse themselves in a holistic experience, where the elements of Earth converge to create an environment that nourishes the soul and delights the senses. This isn’t merely a restaurant; it’s an embodiment of the harmonious coexistence between human creativity and the natural world.

5072 Annunciation Cir, Ave

Maria, FL 34142