Restaurant FAQ’s

Once you sign up, you’ll have 90 days of free access for the number of locations entered at time of sign up. Our plans are in increments of 4.
At the end of your free trial, you’ll be brought to the billing page to select which paid plan you would like to continue with and how you wish to be billed.
Once you enter your specials on your locations, they will become visible to users of the app. When your location is one of the search results, it will be highlighted and show up in the search results. The user can then click on the SPECIALS button to view them.
No problem. Click on your location name and you’ll be able to see all of the current specials for that location. Click the edit button on the right side of the special and you can then edit the text as well as the image.
We want to protect your business from any mishaps so all entries are viewed on our side as well, just to make sure everything looks good.
Don’t worry. In your dashboard, you will be able to see that status change and edit it from there. A note will accompany it with an explanation on what would need to be corrected. Remember, we are just reviewing them to protect your business from any mishaps.
Yes. Depending on if you select a monthly billing or yearly billing, they will be billed at those intervals to the credit card entered in your billing section. We also generate an invoice for your records for each billing cycle which can be found in the billing section on the bottom.
Yes. For those that have bookkeepers, for example, and require and invoice first, there is a section in BILLING where you can put in another email address. An invoice will be sent electronically to that email address (or addresses) and will still need to be paid via a credit card. All of that will be able to be done directly from the email though. Contact us at info@localfoodism.com if you should have any questions about this.
At this time, we do not.
We will connect with you on Facebook, Twitter (X) and Instagram so we can help share your content. Your success is what we strive for, so anything we can do to help promote your business, we will try to help.
We use the website information to periodically run email campaigns spotlighting those restaurants that are marketing on our platform. We may be in touch to get some more information about your story as well to help you promote.
Sure. We designed the pricing plans to allow you to promote multiple locations for one low price. We’ve been in the business for a very long time. We know what it’s like to expand your business to multiple locations, either same concept or managing different concepts. We wanted to make the management of advertising easy, scalable and affordable.
Yes we do. Once signed up, we will be in contact with you to find out what your needs are. We have things such as window clings, window stickers, pens, oval to go stickers and table tents. All have the Local Foodism information to let everyone know that you are on the platform and support the concept of “Eat Local”.
That is our goal. As we continue to grow, we will be targeting areas where we see a growing number of downloads. That will tell us where the next area of the country would benefit from this marketing strategy.
While we will hate to see you go, there is absolutely no contract. You can cancel at any time. All of your benefits will be active until your current plan expires. Once it expires, all of the benefits you receive from being signed up will automatically turn off. Your place will still be available for the user to potentially have as a search result though. We would hope you’d come back though.
No. You have full access to all of our benefits from day 1.